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My Choice Of The Best Photo Editing Software


In my little experience with photo editing, I must confess that not everyone has the technical ability to work with Photoshop. Though it is one of the best photo editing software in the market, there are hundreds of alternative photo editing software easily available. They may not be technically advanced but has the best photo editing options to create excellent photos.

Among the latest to hit the market, in my opinion GIMP is one of the best options available. GIMP is a free and the latest alternative to Photoshop. It has basic to advanced features like sir brushing, cropping, nested layers and gradients creation. It serves perfect for anyone irrespective of whether you are a starter or an advanced photo editor. Each photo appears in a new window, where you can use the options and GIMP toolbar to edit the pictures. Beginners would gain a better learning experience, while the experienced editors can explore their creativity using the GIMP.

Today, we see many photo editing software easily available on the internet. Due to the increasing use of home photo printers and digital cameras, the demand for photo editing applications is rising by the day. It helps people to give their pictures a professional touch. Moreover, you do not have to waste huge money or time depending on photo editors.

It is easy to learn these software programs as they come with a tutorial or manual book, hence every Joe can give it a try. Some of the other popular photo editing software available this day and age (in case you want to have a look at them too) – Photoscape, Picasa, Photos POs Pro, etc. These help to format your photos quick and easy. The users can resize and change its position as per their needs. They serve great for designing purposes. They support all formats including JPG, BMP and GIF images.

Such software has equal features like the paid ones. However, in the little that I have seen, Photo GIMP is the best user friendly application that allows you to resize, edit, manipulate and paint draw your favorite images in several ways. The full version is available for a reasonable price. I recommend that those who are looking to experiment their photo editing skills a little further buy the premium version.