Roam Around Paris With These Handy Tools


Paris is one of the most visited places in the world, and the sheer beauty of the city, and its romantic aura plays a huge role in it. There are so many places to visit, including historical sites, that can mesmerize and overwhelm you beyond compare. Getting around the city could be quite challenging especially if you are a first timer, and this is where some of the applications come in handy. Many applications help us with day-to-day travel in Paris. You can use these applications on your mobile, and it can guide you on the go.

Paris Metro
This application, which can be used as a map and a route planner, would help you during your stay in Paris. It gives details about Metro stations, and the routes between any two places, showing you the fastest route, or the one with the least possible number of changes, so that it is easy for you to reach your destination on time.

Another application that can be of great help when it comes to roaming the streets of Paris is OffMaps2, which is not specific only to Paris. This application can work offline, and you will be able to locate your position on the map without the use of GPS. It is one of the best ways to know that you are heading towards your destination and not away from it. Without knowing French, it is quite difficult to find your way through Paris, and this application would be a perfect guide for you. The map not only gives you the routes to your destination, it also gives details about ATM’s and restaurants, which are much needed for any traveler.

Smarter Paris
If you have downloaded the Smarter Paris application onto your iPhone or iPad, we can safely tell you – that is all you need to feel like a native, enabling you to roam around the city and its suburbs at ease. This is the premium city guide for Paris. One of the main things that you should know about the app – everything is offline. You do not need any network connection to use this, hence you don’t have to worry about hefty roaming bills once you get back to your place. The app not only gives you the map to get through the streets of Paris, it also provides updates about special events, concerts, exhibitions and nightlife. It also gives you reviews of the restaurants, bars and some of the notable landmarks in Paris.

With the Smarter Paris app, you can get to know about the Parisian culture from the tips and secrets section, which is part of the app. You can even use the trip planner to plan your stay in Paris. You can also use additional tools that can help you during your stay in Paris, like the currency converter, the weather, dictionary and the book of phrases.

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