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Cloudwatt: Cloud Computing Made in France

photography-731891_1280 Cloudwatt now officially appear on the radar of French cloud providers. The company, a joint venture established between Orange and Thales in partnership with the state (via the Deposit) presented today the availability of its first offers, after many months of work. It is now entering the scene amidst growing numbers of tech startups and support companies across the globe, even Norwich IT support companies.

The company, born of future investments, is to submit a cloud offering that is supposed to be an alternative to the American offers, and landed on the French market with a first offer storage and file sharing. A little in the image of what Dropbox offers for the corporate world, Cloudwatt-box offers us all. This offer, tested in beta for several months and provides a file storage service, endowed with collaboration features, ensures the company, all leaning against an OpenStack infrastructure that will support the entire term of the offer of society.

On the pricing side, if the first 50 GB are free, Cloudwatt declined a pay offer that separates the price of that storage space for users who will have access to sharing and synchronization services (which form the service Collaboration Cloudwatt-box). At the rate of 1 per year for 1GB of storage space, the collaborative features are available at a rate of 42 euros per user per year. For example, for a space of 1,000 GB for 10 users, it will cost 1420 euros per year to the company (EUR 1 000 for storage and 420 euros for users). For now, no further information regarding other offers that will eventually make up the catalog of Cloudwatt is available. The offer on the virtual machines on demand service is still unavailable.

Numergy, the other joint venture born of future investments – sealed between Bull and SFR – has already set foot in this segment and announced its first customers (the company also opened its premises in Aubervilliers last May). Cloudwatt wished to coordinate the availability of its offer with the official opening of the large data center of Orange, presented last week at Val-de-Reuil. A monster of 16,000 square meters will be used to supply Cloudwatt, as shown on the website of the company. When choosing a location, they were looking for a spot that was on French territory, so it makes sense to associate a brand new data center there, born in a shareholder (Orange). “With Cloudwatt-box, your data and those of your employees remain in France and under the control of your business,” says Cloudwatt in a statement.