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Cloud Computing And How It Made Our Work Simple


One of the best things that we did in our company was to incorporate cloud computing into the regular day-to-day processes. There are many companies that run on virtual networks that could feature cloud computing and ours is one of them. As software professionals ourselves, we realized the importance of cloud computing much before many others but initially had some inhibitions about implementing it. The cost effectiveness, high performance and the high network availability that were used by some of our well known friends and companies, made us to think about it once again. This time around, we took the decision and implemented it straight away.

When anyone wants to avail cloud computing services, we need to look into which of the three options would be the best suited for the company. The three types are public, private and hybrid (which is a combo of both public and private). We chose to implement hybrid cloud so that we can have an internal private cloud that can be linked to the external public cloud as well.

After implementing cloud computing, we have seen an increase in the capacity and the capabilities, which started making a positive contribution to the business. It’s an honest confession when we say that the cloud computing services in London, are one of the very best. We have also reduced the expenses that we otherwise incurred due to expensive infrastructure upgrade, trainings for technical support and additional licensing for software. We use cloud computing through a subscription, which can also be used as a pay-as-you-use service. The increase in capacity and the speed in which any mission critical processes are carried out are the main advantages of using this.

A hybrid cloud is an environment in which we are able to manage the resources in-house and have the possibility of using others that are provided from external sources. The main advantage that we see in using a hybrid cloud is that it allows the business to take the maximum advantage of the scalability. The cost effective nature, which enables us to use the public environment, without exposing the private activities of the business, is what we consider as a big plus. This is the reason why this type of cloud computing is also commonly referred as hybrid IT.

Another advantage about hybrid cloud computing that worked well for us is that it allows the use of a centralized governance of all the IT services and takes advantage of the cloud computing wherever essential. As we had to maintain the control of data and at the same time needed a lot of storage, which included the use of virtual software, we chose to go with the hybrid version rather than the private cloud. Hybrid networks also have the ability to respond quickly to any changes necessitated for business purposes.

We utilize cloud computing to achieve our goals like using the benefits of both public and private networks, outsourcing some network infrastructure, etc. We are also able to mix and match between the local and public infrastructure which has proved to be very effective for us.